Remember (2015)

Remember (2015)

Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho) made a special Hyperthymesiav syndrome (Syndrome superhuman memory). Thanks to this syndrome that he could remember almost everything that happens in your everyday detail to perfection. His goal is to try to prove his father’s innocence Seo Jae Hyuk is his (Jun Kwang Ryul). So he tried to become a lawyer. Ironically when the case has been given reprocessing then his father began dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease.Park Min Young plays Lee Print Ah, is a childhood friend of Jin Woo. She is a law student but oddly optimistic, who are not sure the law is there for you or not until she heard about the case of Jin Woo announced. While Jin Woo closely together to find the truth of her feelings then also gradually multiply, multiply.Besides, Nam Goong Min actor will play a villain Park Sung Woong dien.Va actor will play a lawyer help Jin Woo.

60 m

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