Ben 10 - Season 1

Ben 10 - Season 1

Ben 10 is a cartoon series of the United States made by “Man of Action”.The film begins when Ben and Gwen and the car caravan (vehicles equipped home) particularly go camping in the woods. Ben stroll and see the sky a meteor falling fruit forest.Upon arriving, Ben knew the meteorite result is just a cover for a small machine like a digital clock (actually omnitrix) - a device that can turn anyone wearing it into the bizarre hero selected by the person). Ben put his hand near the wrist, it’s bounce boy Ben is shocked to find ways to get out. A moment later the new Ben calmly and see what it was. Ben click the green button next to the knob.He saw a man shaped like a flame. He pressed on and was transformed into the square. Ben motioned that there was a fire burning flew into a cloud forest. Grandpa Max and Gwen find out fighting fires then suddenly met Ben. Thanks to a new way realize Ben said. 15 minutes later, the machine runs out. Since then Ben has turned into a bizarre hero is 10 (not including the new heroes) to help people escape from the claws of those who want to occupy the place cau.Ben has faced a lot of villains, including those work together as a group or colleagues as Kevin 11 and Vilgax.

30 m

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Watch Ben 10 - Season 1

Synopsis Ben 10 - Season 1 2005 :

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